About Mackenzie

The Mackenzie’s Meets Alzheimer’s Awareness Program is based on the true story of the interaction between Alder’s 8-year-old niece, and Alder’s mother who had Alzheimer’s disease.

In the Program, Mackenzie is an 8-year-old hero. After being told her Gran has Alzheimer's, she goes on a journey to learn about the disease, and to figure out how she can help her Gran. Mackenzie discovers how to maintain a meaningful relationship with her Gran using art, music and dance.

Join Mackenzie as she learns how to enJOY and interact with her Gran. This multi-media Program will help your family have quality time with your loved one who has Alzheimer's disease, or any type of dementia.


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Alder Allensworth, MM, RN, CIHC

Alder is a Registered Nurse. The inspiration for this project came from Alder’s personal experience watching her Mother who had Alzheimer’s disease interact with her grandchildren (Alder's nieces and nephews).

Professionally, she worked with children and geriatrics, including those with Alzheimer’s disease. Allensworth has also published several articles in professional journals. She won a Richter Publishing book contract in 2017. Her book, Prevail: Celebrate the Journey, is available on Amazon and has a five star review rating. She is a speaker and presenter in the field of disabilities on local, national and international stages. Allensworth has been featured on CNN, local and international television and newspapers for her life’s work of promoting quality of life for all people with disabilities.


Brenda Freed, MA, MUS

Brenda Freed, MA, has a Master’s degree in Music Education/Music Therapy, with an  emphasis in counseling. Freed pioneered the Music Therapy Program at the University of  Iowa Hospitals and Clinics where she worked with patients of all ages and diagnoses, in cluding Alzheimer’s disease. She has published music therapy articles, a poetry magazine  and an arts and entertainment magazine. Freed teaches voice, piano and guitar online to all ages, voice and harmony workshops at festivals and conferences, and has produced a line of Effortless Music Instruction Products. She created the Young Artist Performance Incubator (YAPI) program at the renowned Kerrville Folk Festival. Freed is also a performing singer songwriter with several published albums of original material. She and her husband perform as Him & Her TX.