The Mackenzie Meets Alzheimer's

Awareness Program

Our MMAAProgram provides a toolkit of information, tips and activities for children and their families with a loved one who has Alzheimer's disease, or any type of dementia.  

The MMAAP includes the following five educational videos:

What is Alzheimer's Disease?

  • Mild Stage Alzheimer's Disease
  • Moderate Stage Alzheimer's Disease
  • Severe Stage Alzheimer's Disease
  • Coping with Alzheimer's Disease for the Responsible Adult with Children


  • Mackenzie Meets Alzheimer's Disease Quick Reference Guide¬†
  • The Mackenzie Meets Alzheimer's Disease Story Song
  • The animated¬†Mackenzie Meets Alzheimer's Disease Story Song Video¬†and¬†Lyric Video¬†for early readers, and for people with hearing impairments

All items in the MMAAP are downloadable so you can access them anytime.

Children and their families learn:

  • about Alzheimer's disease,
  • signs of mild, moderate and severe stages of the disease, and
  • fun activities to do with a loved one in each stage of the disease.
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a doctor's recommendation.


For people with hearing impairments, purchase the MMAAProgram that includes written transcripts of all the videos.

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MMAAProgram for the Curious Adult.

We have discovered that Adults want the Program for their own information. The Program gives adults who are concerned about their own brain health, or the brain health of a loved one, valuable information on Alzheimer's disease from diagnosis through the severe stage. It is effective for all types of dementia. We suggest starting with the "What is Alzheimer’s Disease?" video and watching the other three videos of the disease progression in succession. 

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This sample video is a one-minute excerpt from the

"What is Alzheimer's Disease?" video in the educational video series.

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Four Ways Your Family Will Benefit From The MMAAProgram

Benefit 1

 The MMAAP equips children and families with a toolkit for understanding and coping with Alzheimer's disease in terms children understand.

Benefit 2

The MMAAP provides information, tips and activities for having meaningful interactions, so families and their loved one who has Alzheimer's disease or any type of dementia create positive memories.

Benefit 3

The MMAAP suggests ways children can participate in caregiving,
including when to get a responsible adult for assistance.

Benefit 4

Incorporating children into caregiving provides responsible adults a chance to breathe, have a moment to themselves, and enJOY their family.

A Doctor's Recommendation

Jack Swanson, MD,

Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Oncology and Hospice & Palliative Care,

Oconto, WI

"I reviewed the videos & reference material. Wow! This program is excellent!  Well done! Great job explaining the stages of the disease. The concepts are presented and explained in a very clear, effective way. This information speaks well to other types of dementia that cause mental decline such as Lewy body dementia, or Parkinson’s disease. This program would be very helpful for friends and families of patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia or in hospice care. It's easy for kids and adults to understand.
I highly recommend this program."